Social Media, Birchbox, And A Can Of Wax


Normally I write about social media or some new emerging media, but tonight I want to write about something different.  I had the privilege to try a new product from Birchbox Man called, “Mr. Natty Willie Mack’s All Over Wax.” So why would I write about something that isn’t related to the blog theme? Let’s get started with how I got to try it and then go from there.  I am a subscriber to Birchbox Man, a monthly subscription for guys that is curated by the team at Birchbox from your created profile.  Birchbox Man, based off your profile, will send you new shaving creams, pre-shave oils, colognes, face lotions, hair products, and many other cool things.  Usually there is an item that is worth more than your monthly $20 subscription.  Recently Birchbox Man tweeted about a program they started called, Birchbox Man Influencers and the benefit is trying full-size products for free.  The catch is you writing an honest review on their site and on your blog, which means from time to time I will write a review about a new product.  As someone who has to meet with people occasionally for social media consulting, I find it important to present myself as best I can.  Question is does it pass the test? So let the drum roll begin, as you read my review of Mr. Natty Willie Mack’s All Over Wax! 


Mr. Natty is quite an interesting fellow and one you can find on Birchbox Man’s YouTube channel, in some of the how-to videos.  His products garner great reviews from those who have either tried or bought any of his shaving products.  So finding out I was getting to try Mr. Natty’s newest creation had me excited.  I received the product rather quickly after initially being approved for the Influencers program and quickly opened the can of wax.  The point stressed, is that it can be used all over your body and in your hair! Say whhaaaaaat? First thought, this stuff is going to be greasy and a disappointment! So I started small on day one, I applied this across my chest and on my upper arms, after I had showered.  It seemed a tad greasy at first, but quickly soaked into my skin and left it soft.  So I hopped into bed and next was my wife, “What do you have on?” I grabbed the product and he checked it out and complimented how great I smelled, but don’t I always? Day two and I decided it would be the hair test, let’s be honest, I was quite nervous! Right after shower and I had a feeling I would have to re-wash my hair.  So I scooped out, just a little bit and rubbed it through my fingers and straight into my hair.  Once again, looked a little greasy and as I moved it through my hair, it made it feel soft and feathery (is that even a word?).


I am now about 2 weeks of using Mr. Natty’s Wax and I am happy with it.  So much that I am even more eager to try this summertime beard oil, which I proudly rock a thinned out beard.  At the moment, the product is getting a 3.5 out of 5 stars and some of the comments I found quite lacking.  Will you find an amazing all-in-one product that can do everything, probably not.  However, this product does a great job on your skin and solid job on short hair.  I am finding it extremely useful on my elbows, arms, upper chest and even around my eyes.  I would give the wax a 4 out of 5 stars and after two weeks, I have A LOT left! If you buy it, just go easy and don’t scoop out a ton.  


If the Birchbox Man Influencers program is something you are interested in, check out the form here and I will wrap the post with a video of Mr. Natty, explaining a classic British cut throat shave: