Getting Presidential with Harry’s


I haven’t been a fan of high dollar 5-blade razors for some time now.  As a matter of fact, it wasn’t until learning about Birchbox Man and following their blog and YouTube channel, that I started using the safety razor (About a year or so ago).  However, there was always a handful of products I have wanted to try and Harry’s was one of them. Imagine my surprise to learn that Harry’s was going to be the latest product offering from the Man Influencer program, so I was really hoping to get picked…and I did!   


If you are familiar with Harry’s, then you might know that one of the co-founders is part of the founders of Warby Parker, my choice for prescription eyewear.  Just like Warby Parker, Harry’s adds that flair for design, from the box that their razor comes and right down to the razor blade itself.  

20140714-135205-49925902My shaving cream was like a few other higher-end shave creams I have tried, very smooth and silky and didn’t clog up in between the blades.  Having left the shaving cream in the shower, my wife decided to try it out over her normal store bought shave cream and was also impressed with it.
20140714-135206-49926651.jpgAs you can see in the photo, the blade had a lot of give and contoured extremely well under my jaw and neck.  Usually I would have to make a few passes or across the grain to get a smooth shave, but this razor allowed me less passes and no irritation.  I know there is another big brand name commercial that talks about being able to swivel, but it doesn’t quite get the same angles that the Harry’s razor does.  How do I know that? Cause the same time I was testing out this razor, my wife had a coupon for half-off the other and went ahead and purchased it as a backup.  I figured what better time then now to test both out! 

20140714-135206-49926250The razor head itself is simple, but does the job.  Between the 5-blades, the aloe strip and the Harry’s shave cream, I was left with a silky smooth face and a perfectly trimmed beard.  

20140714-135207-49927228.jpgRight now Birchbox Man is offering Harry’s “The Truman” razor in four colors (Blue, Orange, Ivory, and Green) for $10 (pictured above).  If you want the upgraded model, then they are also offering “The Winston,” which has that stainless-steel look for $20.

I would give this razor a definite buy, if you are tired of the same old boring razor and want to try something new and at a very affordable price.  Drop me a line in the comments and let me know what kind of razor you are currently using.  If you aren’t currently a Birchbox Man user, but have considered, then I would definitely recommend trying out the 3-month option and after about two boxes and completing product reviews, the Truman razor can be yours for free!!! 




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